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Monday Jul 31st, 2017


I found an article on an issue of the PMNetwork that came in the mail to me this January - I think all aspiring / practicing PM need to read this for some inspiration:

The article is: Making Change Your Way: Project Practioners Must do More than just Execute Plans - The Need to Constantly Search for Innovations. Written by Kareem Shaker, PMI-RMP, PMP & Published in the Innovation Center of the January 2016 Edition of PM Network, Volume 30, Number 1

This article stresses the need for PMs to continously innovate: "in today's complex project environment, managing the triple constraint without identifying innovative ideas or ways to deliver projects is no longer good enough". I completely AGREE. As a current PM of a matrix organization, I really have a lot going on: executing a plan to achieve an organizational goal, being accountable to the Sponsor and Senior Management, managing the triple constraint and more, all while leading resources that don't formally report into them. Some times I feel bound by all these demands and meanhile worrying about keeping my team and Executive sponsorship engaged and not lose track of the deliverable. I would love to innovate so that the project does not lose its momentum, but where is the time? This article shows just that; easy strategies for innovations that ARE in my control. I highly recommend it; current PMs can easily implement these and for aspiring PMs going through recruitment right now - this would make a great discussion piece with a potential employer!

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