We are SO Excited to Introduce Distance Learning!

Monday Jul 31st, 2017


We are sorry we haven’t posted in our blog for a while, but it is only because we have been very, very busy. Over November and December 2016 we were busy launching our distance learning program for PMP exam takers anywhere in the WORLD! That is right, now any one can experience PMInfinity’s PMP exam prep course, with Canadian industry scenarios and a whole suite of professional development services.

Funnily enough our first distance learning student was from the sunny and sandy shores of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman! Despite the nine hour time difference, we made the distance learning program work. Thanks to the convenience of modern technology, this student was able to attain one-on-one training via an online platform from our Canadian instructor. This includes the 35 hours mandatory Project Management training, but also career coaching services, PMP application support, assistance with PMP exam prep questions and a personalized learning program. We also equipped our student with PMInfinity’s exam success tool-kit, which includes two industry leading PMP prep textbooks as well as our very own comprehensive study guide.

Since then our distance learning program has been a preferred option of choice for many PMP aspirants, including those wishing to take the course in Canada from the convenience of their own home. If you too dread sitting in a classroom all day long and are a busy professional then here are a few reasons why you should consider PMInfinity’s PMP Exam Prep Distance Learning Program:

  • The PMP training package includes everything our classroom training package includes (free textbooks, professional development, PMP application help etc.) PLUS the option to attend live classroom training when available

  •  The flexibility to pick your own hours, literally! All our students must train for a minimum of 35 hours with us. But our online students have the option of training for 2 hours per week or even 6 hours per week, depending on their schedule and preferences

  • The ability to take the course from ANYWHERE! Take the course from the convenience of your own home – even while in the comfort of your PJs!

  • The opportunity to develop a one-on-one, positive, mentoring relationship with your PMP trainer. Our PMP trainers are practicing Project Managers who tailor their teaching style to the needs of each learner. During the personalized instruction, many of our learners develop a close mentor-mentee relationship that is excellent for their network and professional development

If you are considering training for your PMP exam, but can’t quiet arrange your schedule to make it to class, then make one of your New Year resolutions to take distance learning. Contactinfo@pminfinity.com to learn more!

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